Truth in Time Tells All

I love how Todd and  Blair are soulmates and how people try to bitch as if it isn’t true by ignoring facts. Like, him saying it.

I love how Todd loves Blair and how she is the only woman for him and how he is the only man for her and that in nearly 20 years and TWO SHOWS, nothing has changed that. I love how he left Tea after pumping and dumping her on an island, all to be with Blair and their family. I love how he knows that SHE is the only one who gets him and always will. I love how it has always been them, just as he said. And I love that no matter what, that he still considers her to be his wife, calling her Blair Manning, whether they are married or not.

And I love most of all that Blair is returning for a THIRD TIME and that Todd will continue ignoring every BASIC BITCH in a 5 mile radius just to sniff her fucking hair because when Blair enters a room, nobody else fucking matters.

Are you mad that we keep winning? That Todd STILL loves Blair? That she is returning yet AGAIN and for a “nice stint” this time? Aww. 

You should be.

Oh, and my favorite:

See? Bypassing a basic bitch to watch who? Yeah. You stay mad. It’s okay.